Synthesis Center -- Survey ID

1. The 2nd and 3rd letters of your mothers maiden/family name:

2. The day of the month that your mother was born:

3. The 4th and 5th letters of your fathers middle name

4. The day of the month that your father was born:

Your user ID is:

Copy and paste the 11 characters above into the space for your ID on the survey form.

Note: occasionally the ID code will have a period (".") as the right-most character. This is not an end of sentence period, this is part of your ID.

Please check to see if the input values that you provided are correct. If not, return to the previous page and make the corrections. Slight differences in the input will result in completely different ID codes and you will appear to be a different user for different questionnaires. The identification code provided above can't be decrypted -- there's no way for those analyzing the data to correct erroneous ID codes.