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Monkey Mayhem in
the Middle East
News and Information from Beyond the Curtain

Spurious George Moves into the Big, White House
Sing-a-Long with Spurious George
Spurious George's Scrapbook
Spurious George Climbs the Family Tree
More Spurious George Politcal Satire
Other monkeys in the troop
Prescient Memories of Sprurious Georges Reign of Error

With the U.S. media treating the invasion of Iraq like it's just another prime-time reality show, and the "in-bedded" journalists functioning as a de facto Ministry of Propaganda here are sources of news and information from beyond the Videotape Curtain.


North America

Canadian Broadcasting Corp -

Toronto Globe and Mail (Canada)

World Press Review (US) -

Alternet (US) -

Pacific News Service (US) -



British Broadcasting Service -

Radio Telefís Éireann (Ireland) -

Deutsche Welle (Germany) -

Copenhagen Post (Denmark) -

Radio Nederland (Netherland) -

The Manchester Guardian (England) -

The Mirror (England) -


The Waikato Time (New Zealand) -

The Mail and Guardian (South Africa) -