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The Capitol Steps - David Lettermans Top Ten.. - -
Mad Magazine - National Lampoon - The Onion - Prairie Home Companion
Royal Canadian Air Farce - Ian Shoales at -

The Capitol Steps
Mine Every Mountain (Gail Norton)
Son of a Bush
Prolife Like I am (John Ashcroft)
The Angina Monologues
Death Rows of Texas
George Blank Bush
My Staff Belongs to Daddy
You're So Vague

David Letterman's Top Ten..
...Pieces Of Fatherly Advice From George W. Bush
...Pieces Of Advice George W. Bush Gave To Graduates
...Signs Colin Powell Has Been Spending Too Much Time With George W. Bush
...Answers To The Question, 'How Boring Was George W. Bush's Speech?'
...Ways George W. Bush Is Preparing For The Presidency
...George W. Bush Vacation Fun Tips
...Items On George W. Bush's To-Do List
...Things Overheard Last Night at the Florida Election Commission
...Signs George W. Bush Is Getting Cocky
...Election Issues Important To Dumb Guys
...Things Going Through George W. Bush's Mind At This Moment
...Signs You've Nominated A Dumb Guy
...Announcements That Would Cause A Panic At The Republican National Convention
...Reasons John McCain Endorsed George W. Bush
...Headlines During a George W. Bush Presidency
Decoding Bushspeak: A Republican-to-English Dictionary

Help George Bush Pick His Cabinet
Make George Bush into a Different Kind of a Republican
The Case for Bush
Tourettes George
Nail Bush
Texas 'Freee or Fly' Game

Mad Magazine
An Important Message From President-Elect George W. Bush
Mad Poll:What will President George W. Bush most likely do next?
Mad Poll:What should "major league a#$hole" Adam Clymer call George W. Bush?
Mad Poll: What will be the first crisis to hit the Bush Administration?
Mad Poll: What will be President Bush's biggest gaffe on his European trip?
Mad Poll: What should President Bush do to help lessen the energy crisis?

National Lampoon
George Bush begins "baby steps" foreign policy initiative
The Supremes
Photo of the week: "...make mine a double.."
The Big Book of Florida Ballots
Cheney Regrets "Exxon" Tattoo
Bush Proposes $5 Billion Plan to Ensure Children
Read by 3rd Grade; Children Make $9.5 Billion, 4th
Grade Counteroffer

Bush Proposes Setting Fire To National Parks

The Onion
Bush Executes 253 New Mexico Democrats:Retakes State's Five Electoral Votes
Bush Horrified To Learn PresidentialSalary
Bush: 'Our Long National Nightmare Of Peace And Prosperity Is Finally Over'
Bush Reaches Out To Hispanic Community With Generous Tip
Gore Camp Denies Putting Bush Camp's Canoe InTreetop
Bush 'Refuses To Dignify' Mass-Murder Allegations:
'That's Not What This Election Is About,' He Says

Bush Regales Dinner Guests With Impromptu Oratory On Virgil's Minor Works
Bush Actually President, Nation Suddenly Realizes
Bush Vows To Remove Toxic Petroleum From National Parks

Prairie Home Companion
Viagra election...

Florida and the Supremes..
George Bush is an anti-semantic...
Cabinet nominees begins at 1:25.0
More Bushspeek

Bush Script (6/30/01)

Royal Canadian Air Farce
Bush Address
Bin Laden Watch Returns #1
U.S. Special Forces Briefing
Bush Forgets Canada
Bush Addresses Nation
Bush-Iraq Update

U.S. Border Guards
Bush Skeet Shooting
Bush's Christmas Story
Bush's Patton Speech
Rumsfeld & Powell (at the UN)
Bush's At Home: Who Can Turn The War On With His Smile?

Ian Shoales at
(February 5th, 2001) George W. Bush can bring back Eisenhower-era steak and spuds, lard, doughnuts, and mixed drinks..
.- text - RealAudio
Help George W. Write a Speech
The Lucky Sperm Club

Bush Lied About Cocaine Use